Mayo es el Mes de la Salud Mental

Mayo es el mes de la concientización de la salud mental.

Estudiantes cantando 'Un Beso y una Flor' - Nino Bravo

Los estudiantes estaban aprendiendo sobre música clásica como “Un beso y una flor” de Nino Bravo.

Importance of Education

Dominican Republic 09/2016

In early September of 2016 I visited rural areas of Dominican Republic  to talk on the importance of Education and to supply students with the necessary tools to excel academically.

Thanksgiving Dinner in E.O.

 I hosted my first Thanksgiving dinner for families of East Orange, NJ. The purpose of the dinner was to give the invited families a loving and fun environment for the holidays. 

Chacka - Behind the Bars

 Through the lyrics of his most recent mixtape "Enero 6" Dominican rapper Chacka shares with us his life in the streets of New York and his time in prison. He explains his frustrations while in prison, his growth and how it all inspired him musically. 

Christmas Dinner in E.O.

East Orange, NJ

The purpose of the dinner is to give the invited families a loving and fun environment. It's so important to us to build loving and compassionate communities.

Tahjianna Spann at the #ShesMySister Seminar


Tahjianna Spann is a young artist from New Jersey that took part in our very first #ShesMySister seminar by singing Girl can't be herself by Alicia Keys to all the girls present. Beautiful message and beautifully sang. Thank you Tahj!

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