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Letter to the youth 

To my dear young Kings and Queens:


          As long as I live, I'll be rooting for you and working hard to better our communities. My mission is to enlighten and empower you all to be the best you can be in life. I know that you have the potential to be successful and to excel academically. During our lifetime we might see ourselves in difficult situations but I hope that with my work with Dando Luz and through the stories I'll be featuring here on I am able to teach you that there's quite nothing we can't overcome and that we can do all we put our minds to. Don't allow anyone's criticism discourage you. We'll teach them that this generation is great and kind . Some only see the negative and don't quite understand that love and comprehension is needed. YOU are the future and our most precious jewels. I am grateful and blessed to have met so many beautiful future leaders and I am excited for all the ones I have yet to meet. 

                                                 love, Nikki.

Nicole Reyes (best known as Nikki) is the president and founder of Dando Luz.

She was born on December 16, 1994 . In July of 2016 she decided to share with her family, friends and followers on Instagram that she would start a non-profit organization named after her grandmother Luz Azcona. Nicole is a college graduate with a bachelors degree in Communication and Media Arts. She has big aspirations to be help youth worldwide and have well-known productions that inspire and educate them. 

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